As a Gangshow we aim to provide a stage experience (both on and off stage) for people of all shapes and sizes throughout spitfires scout movement. More important than the performance is the sense of family that the Gang as a whole provides, you will gain lifelong friends no matter if you’re a cub or an adult.

A Gangshow is a variety show produced by scouts, run by scouts and even performed by scouts of all ages so you’re guaranteed to find a kindred spirit. By joining you’ll be part of a proud tradition started over 80 years ago that has been enjoyed by those involved ever since. Our own East Birmingham Gangshow has grown in size from the small cast of 40 that we were 15 years ago to the cast of 80 that we enjoy today, and that’s not including the backstage crew our gang reaches over a hundred members every year.

We hope that you will join us as either a participant or a member of our audience, and help us continue to grow and keep the Gangshow tradition alive. This year we want a bigger Gang and a fun filled show, which we know you’ll be dying to come back for next time around.